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Праздничный концерт 9 марта

Отмечаем Международный женский день вместе с OUTBACK BLUES Company! 9марта в 21.00, заказывайте столики заранее по телефону 696000.

3 марта 2018

3 марта, суббота! Приглашаем Вас встречать весну вместе с очаровательными Дарьей Михайловой и Еленой Товарковой! Вас ждёт вечер при свечах под звуки саксофона, приятная атмосфера и новое меню. Заказывайте столик по телефону 696 000. Начало в 21.00.

Grand Jam Session 24|02

Приглашаем Вас на праздничный jam session, приуроченный к дню рождения солиста группы Outback Дмитрия Жлобницкого! В программе вечера, как обычно, качественная музыка в стиле блюз, кантри и рок-н-ролл, импровизации музыкантов, много позитива и танцев и обновленное меню ресторана! Заказ столов: 696 000.

Новый год 2018

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Катание на лошадях

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Outdoor swimming pool

Read more: Outdoor swimming pool

Sauna and steam bath

Read more: Sauna and steam bath

Dry steam sauna with a swimming pool and wet steam with a broom.

Room services in Sauna and steam bath –with price markup 10%

For persons who live in guest houses - sale 10%.

Additionally :

  • bathrobes (100rub.),
  • towels (100rub.),
  • sheets (80rub.),
  • disposable bath slippers (60rub.),
  • twigs (birchen\oaken)(120rub.),
  • aroma oil (100rub.).



A separate room, suitable not only to relax with a game of pool (12 foot table), but also hold a business meeting without interference or negotiations.



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Read more: Compact-sporting

Compact-sporting is a kind of trap shooting , which is held on the specialized sites equipped with throwing typewriters simulate a different kinds of birds fly and beasts runs. Rifle area for compact-sporting is 40x25m and consists of 5 shooting places located in a single line. At each shooting location for security measures established special partitions that do not allow the arrow to turn their weapons aside, adjoining neighbor shooting .

Shooting is held from long-barreled smoothbore guns (grit № 7,5; 8 , 8.5 ) on plate-targets witch are thrown by pusher.

Shooting carries with own gun and ammunition.

Archery and crossbow

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Read more: BBQ AREA

Indoor playground equipped for cooking the grill.

Sports equipment

Read more: Sports equipment

Bicycles, balls, freesby, chess.

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