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Новый Год 2019



Осень 2018


Каждую субботу для Вас живая музыка! Специальные предложения от шеф-повара, и наша доброжелательная атмосфера.

Следите за подробностями в социальных сетях! Подробности и заказ столов по телефону 696 000!

IV Осенний Кубок по Конкуру Клуба-Отеля Высокое

2 сентября, воскресенье, с 11.00 до 15.00 пройдут ежегодные зрелищные соревнования по конкуру! 

На состязания по преодолению препятствий съедутся лучшие представители города и области по конному спорту. На плацу будут кипеть страсти. Зрители станут свидетелями медальных зачетов, где будут разыгрываться 4 комплекта наград. Всадники будут соревноваться в маршрутах с препядствиями высотой 80, 90 и 100 см.

Carrying out activities

For those who wish to spend an action at the Club - Hotel "High " our staff will be pleased to help :

  • Preparation of the menu (there is a banquet menu for such cases)
  • Choice of entertainment and music program
  • Design of the interior
  • Delivering guests to your party and back.
  • Housing guests in lodges

We are ready to listen to you and help with the implementation of your ideas and wishes and also do everything we can to make your holiday be held at the highest level!

Choosing Club Hotel "High " - you choose a friendly atmosphere of a country restaurant.


Latest wedding trend is a themed wedding with special decor in a unique color gamma , filled with lots of features. Club hotel "High " is ready to help to realize the wildest dreams and fantasies into reality.

In addition our restaurant can successfully conduct Hen or Stag for the upcoming celebration.

The spacious rooms of the restaurant allow comfortably house up to 100 guests ( fireplace room - 50 people . , Bar  – 80 p. , Summer playground ( reference section ) Restaurant - 100 p.).

Banquet / Holidays

If you're waiting for an unforgettable celebration or wonderful holiday that will bring you joy and will be long remembered, club hotel "High " will help in the implementation of your desires. Banquets in our restaurant will be a bright page of your holiday and will leave unforgettable memories.

Corporate celebrations

Club-Hotel “High” offers a pleasant country rest to combine leisure with business decision tasks.

We are able to provide the necessary facilities for business events (workshops, seminars, meetings, conferences , presentations , etc.):

  • Consultations on the organization of the event,
  • Place preparations for your business event,
  • Audio-visual equipment,
  • Catering
  • Leisure activitiesа (ссылка на раздел Услуги)
  • Transport security,
  • Placing the participants.

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