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Welcome to Club-Hotel Vysokoe

Located at a distance of 18 km from the center of Smolensk in a green area on the banks of the ancient Dnieper, Club-Hotel "Vysokoe" is always ready to become your welcominghome. Comfortable guest houses, restaurant, bar, open summerpool, sauna - everything is set up for a great rest.

Sense of comfort and ease suitesfor both romantic dates, friendship and family relations, and corporate and social gatherings. Club-Hotel "Vysokoe" has a mini-hotel, consisting of 12 separate guest houses. In the Club-Hotel amenities include a restaurant, bar. We are ready to assist in the preparation and conduct of corporate and special occasions, like birthdays, weddings.

We have experience in weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, receptions, corporate celebrations, we also conduct corporate trainings, presentations, conferences, business meetings. We also are pleased to offer you the test in marksman shipping on the first site in Smolensk for compact sporting! Check yourself in shooting with bows and crossbows, paintball.

Leave worries to the city ... Club-Hotel "Vysokoe" is a place where time stands still...

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